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Spime.im is a digital art and electronic music collective founded by me and my musical mate Davide Tomat, the visionary creator of Remidi Marco Casolati and the visual artist Stefano Maccarelli with the new entry of the eclectic visual artist and composer Matteo Marson.

By juxtaposing Bruce Sterling’s «spime» concept with «I am», SPIME.IM are the being that is intertwined between the artificial and the natural. Their works are human-machine interactions in sound, moving image and generative graphics. In their current audio-visual 360° live show «EXALAND», SPIME.IM interweave sound and image, letting sound parameters influence what manifests on-screen, and treating the camera perspective as an instrument. They have performed at festivals like L.E.V. (Madrid), Club to Club (Turin), Rhizom (Zurich) and Spring Attitude (Rome), amongst others.