Here a selection of my favourite multimedia art works. Breaking boundaries. Music is Art.

Awesome Venues:
Arena Verona ( IT ) / Ars Electronica ( AT ) / Barbican Centre ( UK ) / Mutek ( CA ) / LEV Festival ( ES ) / Club To Club ( IT ) / Montreaux Jazz Festival ( CH ) / Nextones ( IT ) / Stereolux ( FR ) / Lunchmeat Festival ( CZ ) / M9 Museum ( IT ) / Royal Albert Hall ( UK )


Is my personal project, my reason in life. SPIME.IM is an artistic collective that creates transmedia projects investigating the aesthetics and languages derived from the affirmation of digital reality. SPIME.IM uses technology, computer graphics, and electronic music to weave immersive audio-video experiences that explore the boundaries of identity, corporeality, and perception.
We presented their work at international digital art festivals such as Mutek, Ars Electronica, Club to Club, Lunchmeat, Stereolux and L.E.V. In addition, they recently presented their latest multimedia production, “The End Of The World,” at the Barbican Center in London with internationally renowned pianist and composer Lubomyr Melnyk, cellist Julia Kent, the vocal group Shards, and soprano Elina Netšajeva.


In 2022, the long-awaited Famous Tour by Sfera Ebbasta finally took place, entirely designed in collaboration with Giorgio "Josh" Geromin and Rocco Pezzella for the main arenas throughout Italy. 
Its adaptation will be featured at the most important festivals this summer.



UNIVERSE / SPIME.IM is the new work by the multimedia collective SPIME.IM: an immersive experience that will be expressed in the form of a multi-screen performance and installation.
Starting from the images of the James Webb Space Telescope, the first in history to show galaxies and nebulae in great detail, the artists of the SPIME.IM collective will investigate the limits of anthropocentrism in a multimedia flow that will exploit different video processing techniques and where sound will be characterized by a choral score.


The End Of The World is a multimedia performance featuring Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, Canadian cellist Julia Kent and SPIME.IM target="_blank">SPIME.IM collective from Turin.
The project is named after Melnyk’s eponymous 2018 piano composition, giving form to a more complete, monumental and collaborative work, in which each section is able to depart from the principal concept in multiple acoustic directions.
Following a long period of solo composition, Melnyk combined his characteristic natural sound elements with electric and acoustic arrangements by Julia Kent and digital timbres from SPIME.IM collective, integrated with virtual interactions.
The result is a major-length piece with exquisite melodies and dramatic chaos mixed into a musical story, describing the imminent death of the World from misguided governments and industries, and ends with our hope for survival. It is passionate music, created with love and care.

The End Of The World is an impactful immersive experience also thanks to cutting-edge music instruments used by SPIME.IM. During their performance, they use midi controllers such as Midi Fighter to create audiovisual interaction between sound and images, of which the latter are based on parameters and real datasets deriving from current climatic changes and environmental events.
The archiving of scientific data thus becomes a sort of extrasensory perception: a construction of knowledge as a network, community and beyond time.

The End of The World has been presented in its "Beta" version at Festival Aperto (Reggio Emilia, Italy) 2021, Lev Festival (Gijon, Spain) 2022, Electrones Libres (Nantes. France, 2022), the Barbican with a special collaboration with the Shards choir and featuring Elina Nechayeva soprano voice (London, United Kingdom) 2023.


RETROAZIONE is a multimedia project by the Superbudda Collective in Turin. It is an installation based on the idea of sharing, which is typical of the digital era, and which allows for new forms and methods of sharing ideas, perspectives, and content.

It is an immersive space where image and sound interact with the audience in a visionary and engaging way, driven by video material provided by the installation's users through their electronic devices.
The audio-video materials sent by the audience are collected in real time on the website and transformed by a digital "liquefaction" process that generates the mixing of the contents according to an algorithm based on the laws governing the behavior of liquids. 
This process is controlled by a score that guides the composition.
The score is the result of an artistic collaboration among musicians, designed as an open and variable system that follows the regenerative character of the project.

The participation of different artists in the compositional part and of the audience in the installation phase become necessary elements for the generation of the sound and visual magma of a work that is in continuous metamorphosis and never the same.


Imagining visual settings that immerse musicians transforming the stages has proven to be the meeting point of my passions. I started from my personal projects and ended up collaborating with national and international musical artists.