Born in 1982 in Turin.

He is a composer and visual artist but as well a musician and video maker

He grew a self- taught musician since elementary school while he was studying arts.

He graduated at Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin in 2006 with the thesis “Reality in Lars Von Trier’s movies”.

He joined the creative collective Superbudda and in 2007 founded the band Niagara with which he produced three studio albums: Otto, Do not Take it Personally and Hyperocean distributed by
the London label Monotreme Records.

With the pseudonym “Sans“ he’s director and author of video clips for various artists of the
independent music scene.

He has made soundtracks for long and short films and ADV.

Always passionate about music art and technology.

Also participated in the creation of sound design and video installations for theater and dance

He currently works for several cross-media projects [Spime.im, Retroazione] that combine his two fundamental influences: music and visual art.

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